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Regular Business Hours Monday Through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Kimberly Smith
Director of Housing and Economic Development
The Building Department handles the inspection of both new and existing structures, issues Occupancy and Building Permits, and enforces the City's Property Maintenance Ordinances.

Applications and Information

 Agent Authorization

 Architectural Review Application

 Board Of Adjustment Application

 Building Application

 Boundary Adjustment Application

 Building Inspection Request

 Change of Land Use Application

 Change of Zoning District Application

 Conditional Use Permit - Application

 Transfer Conditional Use Permit - Application

 Detached Garage Info

 Electrical Application

 Home Business Application

 Land Disturbance Application

 Lot Consolidation Application

 NAICS Admendment Request

 Mechanical Application

 Occupancy Permit Application

 Plumbing Application

 Contractors Sewer Lateral Bid Packet

 Sewer Lateral Property Owner Form

 Sign Permit Application

 Site Plan Development Req

 Subdivision of Land Req

 Tenant Authorization Form

 Zoning Amendment Req

 Zoning Map

 Planning Commission Meeting Dates and Submission Dealines